Illustrator / Video Translator
Biracial, with Japanese and third-generation Korean roots in Japan(Zainichi).

Born in 1985 in Osaka, I’m an Aries!
Spent my early childhood in the States and grew up in Kobe.
Graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2008 and started working as a freelance illustrator.
Moved to Kanagawa in 2019.
Started studying video translation in 2021 and began taking on some translation work as well.

Currently living in Yokohama with my husband and our beloved dog.
I love dogs, movies, baseball, museums, idols, tarot cards, and astrology.

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For work inquiries, please contact me via the email address below or use the message form.

– For illustration inquiries:eikaillustration*gmail.com (eplace*with@)
– For translation inquiries:eikayhyworks*gmail.com (replace*with@)

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